How to Easily Add Tags and Metadata to Your Audio Files with ‘Mp3tag’ [Windows]

When it comes to my digital music collection, I am strictly organized. All the songs that I have need to have descriptive filenames and a proper folder hierarchy. Not only that, but I also need my files to have proper metadata. Doing so from within the Windows Media Player is not exactly convenient.

Therefore, I was on recently on the lookout for a competent audio-tag handler that provided users with a wide variety of useful features. I found what I was looking for in the shape of an app called ‘Mp3tag.’

Mp3tag 1

Mp3tag is an excellent piece of freeware that helps its users in adding tags to their digital audio files i.e. you can add / edit the metadata of your audio files with this application. You begin by downloading and installing the app’s setup file which is sized at nearly 2.5 MB. When you open the app, you can simply drag in the audio files of which the tags you want to edit. I found the app to working perfectly well with mp3, wma, and a number of other audio formats.

Once the files have been dragged into the window, you can select all of them and then batch-edit the tag values from the left pane.

Mp3tag 2

Included amongst the tag fields you can edit are title of song, artist name, album name, year of release, track number, comments, album artist name, composer name, and disc number of the CD. In addition to letting you edit all of these fields, the app also provides you with the control to add / edit / remove the album art for songs that you add.

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Mp3tag 3

Once you have made your changes, you should click on the save button located in the top left of the app. This will save the tags of all the files which you previously had highlighted.

Mp3tag 4

In case you feel the need to rename the music files based on tag information – as I often do – you should select the “Tag – Filename” option from the “Convert” menu. This helps you specify the new file name format.

Mp3tag 5

For instance, you can easily have the new filename be the track number followed by the artist name, followed by the album name, which then ends in the song name. You can choose any format that suits your preferences.

Mp3tag 6

Other options in the Convert menu let you change tags from filenames, filename from filenames, and tags from tags.

Another nifty feature of the app is its ability to fetch tag information and album art from various online resources such as Amazon, discogs, and MusicBrainz.

Mp3tag 7

Overall, Mp3tag is a must-have application for any music-fan who owns a Windows-computer. If you like to keep your music organized, then you simply cannot go wrong with this application.

You can get Mp3tag from here.



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