How to Search Your PC’s Files at Lightning Fast Speed with ‘MasterSeeker’

Having been a Windows user for a very long time, I have learned to keep my files and folders neatly organized. The reason behind this is not any OCD but simply the desire to find my files quickly when I want them. In case you do not have your files organized properly, Windows does not make it easy to search for them. Whether you are using the Windows search tool or that top-right field which appears on Windows Explorer windows, you will find that Windows search is frustratingly slow.

But I am pleased to announce my discovery of an app called ‘MasterSeeker’ – a tool that helps Windows users search for their digital files at lightning speed!

MasterSeeker 1

MasterSeeker is an excellent piece of freeware that provides its users with an amazingly fast to search their Windows system for files and folders through filenames and regular expressions. You start using the app by downloading its setup archive that is sized at nearly 0.5 MB. Once you have extracted its contents, you can run the app’s executable file to open it. A blank window will appear like in the screenshot above. In the bottom left corner of the window, you will see a progress bar that caches files and directories of your computer – this is what helps the app deliver results very fast.

MasterSeeker 2

In the top left text input area, you can type in your search query and corresponding files / folders are displayed. The results are displayed almost instantly.

MasterSeeker 3

The second text field from the left lets you specify the directory of the files that you are looking for. You can optionally specify the directories through regular expressions.

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MasterSeeker 4

To the far right of the app’s controls, you will find checkboxes to include or excludes files as well as folders from the results.

MasterSeeker 5

The final set of control buttons offer you various options such as setting a hotkey for the application so you can open it up quickly.

MasterSeeker 6

Let us now move on to the search results:

Search results appear with the following columns present by default: name of file / folder, directory path, size of file / folder, and the modification date of the file / folder. You can remove these columns or add more columns by right clicking on any column. This displays a columns selection menu for the user.

MasterSeeker 7

From the results, you can right click on a file / folder and open the file directly. If you want to open the file’s directory folder, you can do so using two methods: the first method open the folder and highlights the file for you whereas the second method simply opens the directory folder. Deletion of files and viewing of their properties can be done through the same right-click menu.

MasterSeeker 8

When you first use MasterSeeker, you will be amazed at how quickly the search results are served – Windows users simply are not accustomed to such speed!

You can check get MasterSeeker for free over here.



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