‘Collagerator’ Makes Creating Image Collages Extremely Easy [Windows]

Creating a collage of photographs is no longer as common a practice as it used to be. This is simply because physical photographs are not as common as they used to be. Technology has helped us replace physical photos with digital ones. Unfortunately, this also means that the art of physical image collages has now become a rarity. But on the other hand, creating digital image collages is completely possible and there are numerous tools that help users perform this task.

A quick search on the internet will reveal various tools that you can use to create collages of your images. But very few of these tools can compare to the convenience and ease that is offered by my new favorite collage creation app: Collagerator.

Collagerator 1

Collagerator is an excellent piece of freeware that is compatible with Windows computers. The function of the app, as mentioned above, is to help Windows users create image collages. What sets Collagerator apart from similar application is its sheer ease of use and the little time that it takes to generate your collages. The application also has built-in support for a wide array of output image formats for the collage along with various output sizes and collage templates.

You start by downloading the app’s setup which is sized at nearly 6 MB. With the app installed, you can run it to have a window appear that is similar to the screenshot above. To proceed, you must click on the “New collage” option, unless it is not your first time running the app and you want to load up a previous saved collage. The “New collage” option displays various collage themes for you to choose from.

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Collagerator 2

A dropdown in the top left corner lets you specify the intended size / platform of the collage; two buttons next to this dropdown let you specify the alignment of the collage i.e. horizontal or vertical.

Collagerator 3

When you have chosen your options, a blank canvas is displayed. You need only drag your digital images onto this canvas for them to be automatically fitted into the collage.

Collagerator 4

In the right pane, you will find an Image tab – this lists the images you have dragged. The Theme tab lets you modify your collage beyond the default options. Through the settings present here, you can optionally change image spacing, shadows, frames, and background colors for your collage.

Collagerator 5

If you want to save your collage mid-way during your edits you can save the work in the app’s own file format – this file can be loaded later when you reopen the app. And when you are satisfied with the results of the collage, you can export into one of the many supported output image formats. The pixel width, pixel height, and resolution of the output collage can also be specified.

Collagerator 6

As you can see from the screenshots above, Collagerator makes creating collages extremely easy to use. Now you can quickly create collage of your digital images and use them as Facebook cover photos or simply share them with friends online.

You can get Collagerator from here.



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