How to Scroll Windows in the Background with ‘WizMouse’

I, along with many other people, spent the most part of my day in front of my laptop. For my job as a web developer, I mostly use Ubuntu but for everything else – games, online reading, social networking, etc. – I use Windows. One little inconvenience that I have noticed in Windows is having to bring applications windows into focus before I can scroll them.

Have a look at the image below.

WizMouse 0

You can see two windows: one in the background and one in the foreground. Suppose that the background window contains some text that you need to read in order to carry out an operation in the foreground window. If the text is not present in the visible area of the background window, you would want to scroll up / down, depending on where the text is. But this cannot be done unless you click on the background window first and bring it into focus.

This little inconvenience is what Windows users have been facing since as long as I can remember. Fortunately for us however, there is a nifty utility out there that helps to rid us of this problem. The application I am referring to is “WizMouse.”

WizMouse 1

WizMouse is a tiny desktop application that is compatible with Windows computers. The app comes in an exe setup file that is sized at nearly 0.5 MB. Once you have downloaded and installed the app’s setup, you will be able to scroll background windows simply by placing your mouse pointer over them – the mouse click to bring the window into focus will no longer be necessary. The window will remain in the background – it will simply be scrolled according to the direction you move the mouse wheel.

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But that is not all that WizMouse does. On its first run, you will view a window similar to the image above. In the bottom pane of the window, you will be able to specify a few configurations.

WizMouse 2

Firstly, you can specify whether or not to have the app run with Windows Startup. But the option I found most impressive was adding mouse wheel scrolling support to app windows that did not support it!

Usually, older applications do not support up/down scrolling through the mouse wheel. With WizMouse, you can enforce support by translating the mouse wheel motions into scrollbar commands.

While this feature is certainly helpful, there is a slight chance that the scrolling might not be perfect; in this case, you can disable this feature whenever you want through the app’s configuration options, accessible from its System Tray icon.

Overall, WizMouse added a refreshingly convenient and novel feature to my Windows 7 setup. I hope that you find the application to be equally helpful.

You can get WizMouse for free from here.



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