Have Fun Creating and Manipulating Self-Pattern Images with ‘Fractal Zoomer’

I am always on the lookout for software that provides cool news ways of manipulating images. On one of my recent searches, I came across a very interesting application called “Fractal Zoomer.”

Now to understand what this application is and what it does, we must first briefly cover what fractal images are. Basically, these images are composed of patterns that replicate themselves throughout the image. Usually they are self-similar patterns and you will find the ‘overall’ pattern of the image repeated even when you have zoomed in a lot into it.

Fractal Zoomer 01

What “Fractal Zoomer” does is that it lets you have fun with fractal images. For a person like me, who did not know what fractal images were before checking out these app, using Fractal Zoomer was immense fun that I recommend to everybody. To get started, you must download the app’s setup file which is sized at nearly 2 MB. Double click on the downloaded EXE file to run the app and view the default fractal image which is shown. (Note that your Windows should have Java in order to run Fractal Zoomer.)

Fractal Zoomer 02

To begin your ‘fun’, you must click anywhere on the image. Clicking on a pixel will zoom right into it; you will notice that instead of the image pixelating, it will enhance and a ‘self-repeating’ pattern will come into view.

Fractal Zoomer 03

To have the pattern repeated a certain way, you can check out the folding options available from the app’s menus. After that, you should go through all of the image manipulation options one by one and see how a simple click can completely transform the pattern (for the better).

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Fractal Zoomer 04

The ‘Filters’ menu lets users make changes to the visuals of the patterns without actually modifying the pattern. In these options you will find image manipulation controls such as anti-aliasing, color temperatures, inverted colors, and more.

Fractal Zoomer 05

One of the really cool options is the generation of a fractal image based on a pixel of the current image. A preview of the generated image is shown as you move the mouse around on the original image – seeing all the different patterns is quite exciting.

Fractal Zoomer 06.0

And when you are done with the magnification, try zooming out as much as you can. Not only will you be amazed by the larger patterns that come into display, but you will be amazed at the brilliant colors that make up the overall pattern.

Fractal Zoomer 06

While you are playing around with the fractal images, you can save them anytime in the BMP image format and use them wherever you want. From personal experience, I can tell that these fractals make excellent Facebook cover photos!

You can check out Fractal Zoomer over here.



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