Free Up PC Memory and Optimize Performance with RamRush

There are times when applications on my PC simply hang up. This is something which I am sure many of us have experienced. Unfortunately, this problem occurs more in Windows than on other computer OS. The source of this problem is usually the hung-up application consuming a lot of memory and resultantly slowing down the overall performance of your Windows. Thankfully however, Windows users now have a way out of this problem in the shape of “RAMRush.”

RAMRush is a free to use desktop application that is compatible with computers which are running the Windows operating system. The function of this nifty app is to help you quickly free up your computer’s memory and optimize your system’s performance. The first step in using the app is to download its setup file that is sized at nearly 0.5 MB. Once you have it installed and running, you can access it from the icon in the System Tray.

RAMRush 1

The window includes CPU and RAM sections that show processor usage percentage, amount of free RAM, the percentage of RAM used, and the total available RAM on your machine.

You can click on the icon which makes the app’s mini-window appear from the bottom right corner of your screen – right above the System Tray. To quickly free up memory and recover the computer from lagging, you can click on the Start Optimize link available in the bottom left of this mini-window.

The optimization process begins and the process progress is displayed in the same area as the link.

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RAMRush 2

The results of the optimization are shown as a balloon notification. This notification includes the time of the optimization along with the amount of memory that is freed up.

RAMRush 3

This is all the basic usage of the application – this operation you can take advantage of from the get-go, right after installing the app. If you want to go a step further, you might want to go into the app’s preferences. These preferences let you specify a hotkey shortcut for memory optimization. You can also set the app to optimize memory automatically when the available RAM is 8% or less of the total memory.

RAMRush 4

For people wanting to tweak the app’s interface, the Colors tab in the app’s preferences lets you change the interface colors.

RAMRush 5

In conclusion, RAMRush is an excellent little tool to have installed on your computer. Thanks to this app, Windows users will no longer have to idly wait for their computer’s performance recover after a resource-heavy application causes major system lags.

You can get RAMRush from over here.



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