Naturpic: A Must Have Audio Editor for All the Windows Users

Premium Audio editing applications will always come with a huge price tag. If it is a free application, it won’t be that good and few important features might be missing. Very few free applications satisfy the needs of users. A good audio editor should supports wide range of  formats, simple enough  to understand and gives a great output. Naturpic is one such application, which offers professional quality options for free and very simple to understand. It is a very small application, which requires only 10MB of disc space for the installation. Also it works with all the current windows versions.

To download Naturpic, follow the link at the end of this post. Once you complete the installation, you can see a window as shown in the screenshot below. This application supports wide variety of formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, VOX, RAW, etc. You can add almost any type of audio file to the application for editing. Click new to add the file and start editing it. You can also add multiple audio files for editing. It provides all the basic options like Cut, copy, paste, mix, trim, etc. Also the advanced options like noise reduction, fade in, fade out, amplification, etc.


It is a complete set of audio effects and editing application, which acts an audio player, recorder, converter and a visual editor. These features will be very helpful in getting a professional sound production. The interface looks similar to most of the audio editors and as soon as you add the audio file, it will be converted to a wave form and ready for editing. You can easily select any part of the track, mix different tracks, add or remove silence from the audio and much more.

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The toolbar on top contains all the options of the application. The record option, lets you select a mic or any input source to record your own audio. You can easily edit and mix that audio with your existing audio files. Also save any portion of the audio, delete the selected area, mix from a file and much more. This helps you to apply all your ideas and play with your audio files. In the menu bar rest of the options are basic ones but Filter and Effects are the advanced options  which lets you to do more with your audio files.


Using “Effect” option you can add different effects like Amplify, Fade in, Fade out, Silence, Shrink, Stretch and much more. The filters is also one of the important options in the audio editing. You can add Brand pass, high pass, low pass, high shelf, notch and much more filters to your audio. These filters and effects are the options which helps you to achieve professional quality on your audio. With your creativity, you can combine all these features and achieve an excellent audio output from the application.

It is really amazing that this power packed audio editor is available for free to download. If you are looking for anefficient free audio editor, Naturpic is a best choice. Try this on your windows machine and  share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks  for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Naturpic for Windows



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