Digg Reader is now Available for Android Users

Many new RSS Readers came out after Google’s reader’s termination. I’ve also discussed some of the alternatives for Google Reader in one of my posts before. Google Shutdown the Google Reader service on July 1st. After two weeks Digg introduced its own RSS Reader application for web and iOS devices. It has also given the option to import your contents from Google Reader and offered log in with the same username and password. Digg is one of the popular social networks to quickly know the breaking news from all over the world.


An RSS Reader from Digg is really a useful one to know all the top stories in the Internet. Next to iOS, Digg Reader is officially released for Android devices earlier this week. So now Android users can download the app from Play store and access Digg Reader account from their Android devices. Once you install and open the app, you can see all the trending stories in the homepage. There is a swipeable sidebar, which contains all your subscriptions and options of the app.


The first option “Top Stories” will carry all the breaking news and trending articles on the Internet. Then you will have all the RSS Subscriptions, Diggs and saved stories. Click the “+” button to add  new sources to the Digg Reader. Either you can directly add the URL or search with a keyword. Also you have an option to search blogs based on different categories.


In Sidebar, the star shaped icon will take you to the app settings. There you’ve options to connect your Twitter, Facebook and Google accounts with the app. This will help you to share stories on different social accounts instantly. In “Account Settings” you can select options to receive top stories from Digg to your email and post your Diggs on Facebook Timeline. Connect more RSS Readers with the app using “Bookmark Services” in the settings.

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When you open an article in the reader, you can see four options on the top of the screen. The first globe shaped icon is to change the content view. Next one will Digg that particular story on your Facebook timeline. Third ribbon shaped icon will save the story to read later. Fourth icon will be used to share the stories using different apps on your Android device. Swipe left and right to see the next and previous stories on the reader. At the end of each story you have a link to see whole story on the original blog.


One of the main advantage of Digg Reader is, apart from your subscriptions it will instantly bring the popular stories from all over the web. So it will be easy for you to catch up all the hot news from a single place. Download the app, try this on your  Android device and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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