Bunkr: A Simple Web App to Create Effective Presentations

Though you have a great content, if you don’t present it properly you will definitely lose the quality of that content. We’ve plenty of online and desktop applications for creating presentations. A good presentation tool is something which is simple to understand and gives great output. Bunkr is one such web app, which is so easy to understand and create effective presentations in minutes. It is a premium application, so you will get only five presentations initially for a trial account. For premium accounts, pricing and plans will be available on the  website.


Once you complete the registration, you will be redirected to the dashboard of the application. In the left grey panel you’ve content, presentations and shared folders. Only premium accounts have the shared folders option, to share the contents with other users. In the right panel you’ve options to add contents like video, images, notes, links and collaborations. To start with presentations click “Create a Presentation” on the right side of the window. Also you can see the number of presentations you’ve created in the brackets there.


Creating a presentation is simple and easy to understand the options. By default there will be a first slide and you can start creating the content. Include text, shape and different contents from web and your Bunkr account using menu bar at the top. There will be a quick save option to save content then and there while you create the presentation. Also preview the slide while you prepare and quickly export it to the folder to the need. If you are going to keep you presentation in a shared folder, you can protect it with a password to be accessed by limited users.

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All the media contents like images and videos you upload will be there in your Bunkr account. It can be reused for other presentations. In the left side of the presentation window, you can see all the slides you’ve created. Click the “+” button to add a new slide to the presentation. To copy a slide click the repeat symbol above the delete icon.  Quickly set a background color or an image for slides using the slide options. Either you can select the default ones from the app or choose from the media you’ve uploaded. Click the “X” icon to remove the background.


When you click on a media, it will pop up in a light box style, which gives a larger view and more information about it. You can quickly create presentations using Bunkr and organize them in a single place. Give a shot and let us know what do you think about the new web application. Thanks for reading, do share this  post with your friends.

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