Get All your Notifications on PC using Krome for Android

Tired of checking notifications on your Smartphone all the time ? Here is a solution for you to bring all the Android notifications to your computer. Krome is a new application which syncs your Android device with the Chrome browser and brings the notifications to your PC. So every time when you receive a notification you don’t need to check your phone. It perfectly syncs with your browser and will send all the notifications in real time. It works with both Android Smartphones and Tablets. So you can connect any number of devices to your PC and receive notifications instantly.


You can download Krome from Play Store using the link below. Also download Krome extension for your browser from the Chrome web store. To receive notifications, you have to enable rich notifications on your browser. In Windows, it will be enabled by default, just update your browser to the latest version (Ver.27)  that will be fine. In Mac, you’ve to install Chrome Canary to enable rich notifications. After this go to Krome settings in your Android mobile and tap the on/off button to start syncing your device.


In your Android device, you can also select from which apps you need to enable and disable the notifications. If you are working on the computer, notifications from some apps might be distracting. You can disable those apps from sending notifications. Another important option in the application is, you can reply to your text messages right from the browser. When you receive an SMS, just click the reply button below and type your message. Same process is applied for all the instant messaging apps in your Android device.

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This app uses a secured connection to transfer the data. All the messages are sent via Google Cloud messaging service. So your privacy will not be affected at any cost. You can also encrypt the data with your own key but you’ve to install the key in both ends (Phone and PC). All these options are available in the Krome settings in your Android device. “Krome Status” option in the Android app will keep a log on the notifications sent. This will help you to track all the activities on PC.

Krome is very helpful for people who sit and work on their computer for the whole day. So if you are one of them, give a shot and let us know your experience with the app in comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Krome for Android

Download Krome for PC




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