Evernote 5 for Windows Updated with Brand New Interface, Reminders and Shortcuts

Evernote has recently rolled out the new update for Windows application. Evernote 5 is new version of the app, which brings a brand new design and a clutter free interface to the application. Compared to the Evernote Mac app, in previous version the options and notes were little bit congested and it was quite difficult to navigate between the notes. The new version has got a minimal design with plenty of features for the Windows users. For all the existing users, new features will be rolled out in a week. If you want to use it before that, you can download the new app from Evernote’s website.


The major update in the application is the interface, a completely refreshed design. There will be three panels totally. First one  carries the options and categories. Next one have the list of notes with a preview. Third panel is where you create and edit your notes. The options for notes were moved below the menu bar. One of the new features is, you can set reminder for notes using “Reminder” option above the notes editing panel.


This will help you to convert your notes as tasks and set a reminder to complete that on time. Literally your Evernote application will act as a task manager on your computer. All your reminders will be on the top of the notes preview section. Another important update in the application is the “Shortcuts” option. It will be in the left panel and you can add the frequently used links to Shortcuts for the quick access.

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Premium users will get smart search on the application. It includes note prediction, sharing notes to other users and saved searches on the app. Also premium users can view notes along with the location in a map view. Rest of the features are same for both free and premium users. Left panel helps you to to quickly navigate between different options and organize you notes. All the options you select on left panel will open as a separate window in the right.

Selecting multiple tags from the navigation panel is removed in the updated version. In the left panel there will be a separate “Tags” option, you can select multiple tags there but not from the home page. The new “Card View” will help you to take a quick glance over the notes easily, especially the one with images. Click “Announcements” in the left panel to read more about the Evernote 5 update for Windows. After updating the app in your Windows machine, share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download  Evernote 5 for Windows



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