Sliding Explorer: A New File Explorer with a Swipeable Sidebar for Quick Access

Google+ mobile app was the first one to introduce this swipeable sidebar for the menu and options. After that many social networks and other web applications implemented this idea in their mobile applications. Few weeks before we’ve discussed about swipeable sidebar menu for Android. Today I came with a swipeable file explorer to access all your files and folders on your Android device. Sliding Explorer is a very simple file manager, which lets you quickly navigate on your files and folders on the device.

Sliding explorer is a free application and you can download it from play store using the link below. One of the best things about Sliding Explorer is the user interface. The clutter free environment and easy navigation helps you to locate the files quickly. Also it is a very simple app, which occupies very less memory on your device. After you install the app, you can see all files on your device in the home page as shown in the screenshot.


Tap on any of the folders to view the files in it. Swipe right on your screen to access the sidebar, which has directories and favorite section. To add a file or a folder to  favorites, just hold on the folder  for a sec, you will get options on  the top of the screen. Click the ribbon shaped icon to add a file or a folder to the favorites section. You can add any number of files and folder to favorites. In the top menu other than favorites you will also get options like Move, Delete and share files to other apps on your device.

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If you want to create a file or folder, just tap the “+” icon the right top corner. To explore more on the application, switch to root mode. In the app settings, tap on “Enable Root Mode” to explore more on your device. Also you can sort files and folders based on name, size, etc. Quickly enable and disable preview for the image files. Enable “Hidden Files” option to see all the hidden files and folders in your device. Another important option is you can enable preview for .apk files in your device. This will help you to give a quick look on the .apk  files you download from other websites.


People who are looking for a simple file manager, Sliding explorer is a best choice. Though it don’t have any advanced options like other free file managers, this will be enough for all the basic operations. If you feel this is the one you are looking for, try this on your Android device and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Sliding Explorer for Android



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