Delete All your Unwanted Web Accounts from a Single Place using Just Delete Me

Plenty of web applications were available online. Very few applications we use it often, some of them we rarely use and many web apps we don’t use after the registration. Many people think what’s going to happen if I don’t use that account but actually leaving your personal data in a web service for a long time will affect your privacy. Your email id, mobile number and other personal details can be misused easily. So it is important to delete those accounts immediately if you are not using it.

Previously I wrote about privacy tools and chrome extensions to stop websites from tracking you on the web. Today I came with a new application called Just Delete Me, which has a huge collection of web services to identify and delete the one you don’t use. Let’s see how it works.


Just Delete Me is a new web app, which has all the popular web service links to delete your accounts. All the links will be color coded based on its difficulty to delete the account. Green represents easy, Yellow for medium, Red for difficult and Black for impossible. There is difficult and impossible signs because some of the web services can only be deactivated cannot be deleted completely. All the user data will remain in their database. So first you’ve to delete all your personal data manually and have to deactivate that account.


For instance, many of you have tried deleting your Facebook accounts but there is no delete option, you can only deactivate. After you deactivate, your friends cannot see your profile but all your pictures, videos and personal information will be there in Facebook’s database. So for those websitesc you can use that above mentioned privacy tools on your browser to stop tracking you. Rest of them you can delete it manually.

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Just Delete Me Chrome extension is available on the Chrome web store. You can download that for quick access. It will take you to the deletion page of that particular application. It will also help you to learn about the application before you register with it. So you will be careful before giving your personal information on an unknown web service. Check what are all the sites you’ve left unused and tell us how this app has helped you to quickly find the web services. Also share this article with your friends to help them know about the importance of privacy.

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