Boomerang: A Best Alternative Email Client for Android

Gmail is one of the widely used email clients for accessing multiple Gmail accounts in Android. We have other alternatives email clients for Android but many apps were not as efficient as the default Gmail application. The recent update for the Gmail mobile app is too good and many new features were introduced. While I was searching an alternative for the Android Gmail app, I came across a new application called Boomerang. It is a pretty interesting application and the features are promising. Let’s have a look at the features and functions of the app below.


Boomerang is a free application, you can download it from play store. Once you install the app, it will automatically find all the connected Gmail accounts in your Android device. First time when you open it, you will see the instructions to use the app. After you complete the instructions, your inbox will be ready to use. It has a swipeable side bar, which has all the connected Gmail accounts, inbox, labels and all the other settings. Just scroll down the bar to see all the options.


One of the main and unique feature in Boomerang is the Scheduling option. If you want any of your mails to be sent on a specific date and time, you can use the “Send later” option to schedule your message. Another important option in the application is “Boomerang”, in that you can use the emails as reminders. The emails which you send and receive can be scheduled to reach your inbox again as a reminder. This will be helpful to quickly track the emails that you were expecting a reply.

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The options are so handy in Boomerang. In the inbox, just swipe right to archive an email and swipe left to get more options. When you swipe left you will get Archive, delete, boomerang, move to a label and star options for that mail. You can also change  the actions of left and right swipe in the application settings. To select multiple emails, just hold an email for a second and start selecting the ones you need. After selecting the emails, you can see the number of emails you’ve selected and email options on the bottom of the window.


If you are looking an alternative for default Gmail app on your Android device, Boomerang is a best choice. You can add any number of Gmail accounts and manage it easily using this application. It is compatible for both Android Smartphones and Tablets. So try this app on your device and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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