Cloud Convert: A Cloud Based File Converter for Web and Mobile Devices

Today a simple file converter is necessary for all the computer users. Ten years before, other than computer, we had very few devices but now we’ve Smartphones, Tablets and different music devices on the market. Even it’s going to play the same music, formats will vary between the devices. So file converter is mandatory for people who are having different mobile devices. Last week I wrote about a windows application to automate these file conversions in Windows OS. Today I came with a new web app called “Cloud Convert” for web and mobile devices.

Cloud converter is a free web application and it supports wide range of formats to convert images, audio, documents, etc. More than hundreds of formats were supported by the application. Another highlight of Cloud Converter is, it supports Google drive and Dropbox. So you can convert files from your cloud accounts and upload them back automatically.


Registration is not mandatory to use the application but registered users will get more features than the guest users. So if you want to convert larger files and more number of conversions in a same time, definitely you’ve to register for it. To start the file conversion, either select the file from your computer or from your cloud accounts. Once you select the file, it will automatically identify the format and give you available formats to convert. If you are a guest user, you cannot upload files more than 100 MB and only two file conversions are allowed for a day.


Once the file upload is complete, if it is a large file you can select the option “Mail me when it is finished”. So that you don’t need to wait till the files are completed. Also you can automate the process of uploading files to your cloud account. Just select in which cloud service you need to upload file after the conversion and it will be done automatically.

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Also after uploading the file, you can see advanced options near the file formats selection box. If  it is an image file you can resize and rotate them after the conversion. For audio files, you can change bit rate, channels, frequency, etc. It is really an excellent feature to edit files while converting the format.


Once the conversion is complete, you can again convert the Input and output files if you want. Also it will generate a QR Code to download that file in different devices. Cloud Converter is available for Chrome and it works perfectly on all the mobile browsers. So by using this application you can now convert files from your Smartphones and Tablets. You should definitely try Cloud Converter in your browser and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments. Do share this post with your friends.

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