Turn Chrome’s New Tab Page into a Personal Tab and Task Manager using Over Task

Previously we’ve discussed about few new tab extensions for Chrome. Today I came with a tab and task management extension called “Over Task” for Chrome. We have plenty of task management applications available for mobile, web, desktops and browsers. The concept of task management is common you write a  task, set a date and time and mention the priority. These are the basic steps but the success of the application is based on how simple it is. Over Task carries a unique concept and a new interface for task management.

Whenever you open a new tab in Chrome, it will display the tasks you’ve created. There will be two panels on the screen. In the left panel, you have options to create a task. In the right panel, the tasks you’ve created. Creating a task in this app is very simple. Give your task a name, select the category and add it your wall. If you want to set some priority and a date for your task, click advanced options on the window and choose them. You can set the priorities as High, Medium and Low. Based on the priority you set, colors of your task will change. So you can quickly identify the task you want to do it right now.


While creating a task, you can also add the currently opened tabs to your task. If you are doing an online job and you create a task based on your work, you can group few tabs and add to it for future reference. All the task you’ve created will be available on the home page. You can search and filter the tasks based on priority. Every time you open and close the tab, your last task will be saved and the app will be ready to create a new one. This extension manages your Chrome tabs and tasks at the same time.

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An arrow in the right top corner of the window will have some useful tutorials related to Over Task. If you have any doubts regarding the app, you can use that option. If you’ve added tabs with the task, whenever you open that particular task, all the tabs you have saved will open with that. To open a task click “View” and you will be redirected to the task management page. In that page, you will see three main categories, DO, Research and Communicate. Do will track the web apps you’ve used to complete the task.


In the research section, it will track the sites you’ve referred to complete the task. In Communicate Section, it will show, with whom you’ve communicated during the task to complete it. Overall it is an excellent application and a must have extension for Chrome users. Over Task is in its beta stage now and much more features are yet to come. So try this on your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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