Create A Personalized Wishlist of Products from All over the Web using WantWorthy

In all the shopping sites we have an option called “Add to Wishlist” before you buy the product. Instead of searching the product every time, you can add your favorite products to Wishlist for quick access. We have plenty of shopping sites available online and these wishlists are limited to that particular website. Today I came with an application called “WantWorthy” which helps you to create a Wishlist of your favorite products from different websites in a single place.

WantWorthy is a new web application, which is quite similar to Pinterest. First you have to sign up with your email id to start using the application. Once you complete the sign up process, you will see the instructions to use the application. The first step in using WantWorthy is to drag the “+want” button to your bookmarks bar. If you are using chrome, you can either use the default want button or the chrome extension for the application.


Using this app is very simple, after you drag the “Want” icon to your bookmarks bar, just browse as usual in the shopping sites. Once you find your favorite product click the Want icon and you will see a pop up as shown in the screenshot below. In that you need to type the brand and price of the product. From there, you can create a group in your WantWorthy account and save the products related to a specific category.


WantWorthy is also available for iOS devices, so if you are browsing on your iPhone or iPad, still you can move products to your wishlist from the application. If you are shopping for a wedding or an event, this app will be very helpful in organizing products from different websites. Also it lets you share the wishlist to your friends. If you are organizing a group event, you can quickly find the best products. Easily compare products from multiple sites and find the best deals online. You can get feedback from your friends by the same time you can also keep your wishlist private to protect that deal from others.

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WantWorthy is an excellent application to find best deals online and organize the products you need for an event in a single place. From now on move your wishlists to WantWorthy and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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