Access Google’s New Search Interface in Chrome 29

If you’ve upgraded to the latest version of Chrome, a quick setting change can unlock a new search interface for Google. Enable this option and you’ll lose the familiar search box in favor of a navigation menu as well as gaining a new share button and new tab page.

Make sure you’re running the newest release of Chrome – just hit the menu button and select About Google Chrome. Once you’re updated, head to the address bar and type chrome://flags before pressing Enter.


Press Ctrl + F to bring up the search bar, type Enable Instant Extended API and press Enter. Select Enabled from the drop down menu for this setting.


The new setting won’t take effect until your restart the browser, so click the Relaunch Now button at the bottom of the screen.


Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is the new Apps button that appears in your bookmarks toolbar. This provides easy access to a number of Google services.


You should also find that there is a new navigation bar at the top of the page when you perform a search, and this includes a new Share menu as well as links to Google apps.

Some people are reporting that not all of these features are available yet, but it is unclear whether this is due to the platforms being used or because of a gradual global rollout. Try it out for for yourself and see how you get on

Should you decide you want to revert back to the old look, simply change Enable Instant Extended API so that it is disabled again.

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