Quip: An Excellent Word Processor for Web and Mobile Devices

Today we’ve plenty of  word processor applications in the market. We have both premium and free applications available. Premium applications like MS Office and iWork have plenty of features and multiple platform support. People who can’t afford these apps will choose the free word processors but the features and functions won’t be enough at sometimes. So today I came with an application called Quip, which has plenty of features and supports mobile multiple devices to create beautiful documents on the go.


Quip is a new word processing application, which is focused mainly on web and mobile devices. You need to sign up with your email id to start using the web application. If you are a non Gmail user, you need to create a separate password for the account. Once you complete the sign up process, you will be redirected to the home page of the application.  To set up your profile picture, you can either connect  your Facebook or Twitter account with Quip and start using it.


Sample documents with instructions will be available on the home page. You can refer them to know the features and functions of the application. All the documents you create and edit will be synced with all your mobile devices. If you have used Sparrow or Mail bird email clients, this interface will look familiar for you. In left panel you have all the saved documents and options and in right you will see the thumbnails or the document you are editing currently. Also you can attach images or any files with your document using attachment bar in the bottom of the left panel.

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The common shortcuts like bold, italic, copy, paste, etc., are same for Quip. To add any image or link inside your document just type “@” and choose the attachment.  It also brings the heading, bullets and numbers option to your document. In the settings option, you can either print the document or export it as a PDF for later use.Keep multiple documents in a folder using the folder option in the right top corner of the home page. Also create new documents using the “+” icon in the right bottom corner of the home page.

The interface and options are same for all the mobile devices. Right now Quip is available only for iPhone and iPad, soon it’s going to be launched for Android. Right now using the Android app you can see UI samples of the application. Though it looks very simple, it is an excellent word processing app for mobile devices and web. If you are using an iPad, it will be a great app for working with documents. Try this app and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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