Appsi Brings All your Android Apps in a Swipeable Sidebar

Google+ mobile application was the first app to introduce that swipeable sidebar style menu access on Android. After that most of the popular social and other apps brought the same feature to their mobile applications. Instead of having all the options on the screen, these swipeable sidebars gives a clutter free interface on the apps. Previously I wrote about floating YouTube player for Android and today I came with a new application called “Appsi”, which lets you access all the Android apps in a swipeable sidebar.


Appsi is a free application and you can download it from the Google Play Store. Once you install the application, you can see the instructions with a red vertical bar on the left side of your screen. Just swipe that on the right side to open the sidebar menu. In the top you will have a search bar. All the apps will be listed in alphabetical order, so sometimes you need to scroll for a long time if it is at the last. In that case this search option will help you to get that app really quick. Next is the favorites section, where you can add the apps you frequently use. Below that you can see all the apps installed in your Android device.


The red vertical bar used to swipe the sidebar is called “Hotspot”. All the options related to hotspot and sidebar will be in the home page of the app. In hotspot settings, you can change the size and position of that bar. Also you can make that bar visible or invisible on the screen. Next, customize the sidebar using “Look and Feel” option in the app. It lets you re-size, change background, enable transparency, enable or disable search and much more tweaks on the sidebar.

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Appsi has an option to do actions based on different gestures on your screen. To do that, first you need to enable “Single hotspot mode” on the Hotspot section. Then if you go to “Gestures” on the menu, you can see “Advanced Gestures” with a button. Enable that and tap on different gestures below to assign various actions. For instance, if you want to open “recents” while you slide up on your screen, then tap on the “Slide up” gesture and choose “recents” in the option. These gesture actions will act as shortcuts on your screen.


Also you can enable and disable notifications in the menu. In case of any crash in the application, use “Troubleshoot” option in the menu to fix it. It is a very simple application but it lets you access the menu from anywhere on your Android mobile. Even when you are in the mid of an app without returning to the homepage, you can access the menu. Appsi also have plugins for calls, calendar, contacts, etc. So try this Sidebar app and if you like it you can try other plugins too. Also share your experience with us in the comments and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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