Folders Actions for Windows Lets you Automate Tasks like Mac OS X

Mac OS have plenty of unique features which other operating systems don’t have. In the latest version Mavericks, Apple introduced iOS style notifications for Mac, iCloud Keychain for protection and much more. So every time they update their OS, plenty of new features and functions will be introduced. One of the important and useful features in Mac is Automating a process. Instead of an user doing some repeated actions like copying files, converting video and audio files to specific format, OS X has the feature to automate those actions.

Today I came with an application called “Folder Action for Windows”, which brings that same feature to your Windows OS. By using this application you can easily rename, copy and convert different file types automatically.


Once you download and install the application, you have to choose folders where you need to pick the files and automate the actions. Folder Actions will have two panels, left and the right one. Left panel will have all the folders you have chosen and in the right panels you have options to automate. To select folders, click the “+” symbol on the top of the window and choose the folder from your drive. You can add any number of folders you  need and automate the actions.


In the right panel, the first option is “No Actions”. It is to temporarily revert the automation you have made to a specific folder. Next you can set an alert or move files to a particular location, when a new file is added to a specific folder. Third option is to automate the process to renaming multiple files. Just type the file name and extension of both the existing file and the new one you need. So whenever you add a file in that name will be renamed automatically.

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Next three options are to convert image, audio and video files to different formats. If you want to convert a bunch of video and audio files, just copy to a folder or select the existing ones and automate the conversion process in this application easily. For instance, if you want to convert multiple video files for your mobile supported format, Folder Action will be very helpful for you.

Another interesting and useful option in this application is decompressing the ZIP and RAR files. Just add the compressed file to that folder, it will automatically unzip those files. Folder Actions is completely free for personal use and educational purpose but you have to buy license for the commercial use. So download and try this app on your Windows and share your experience with us in the comments.

Download Folder Action for Windows



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