How to Create iGoogle Themes using Official iGoogle Theme Creator

iGoogle Themes

Recently we had posted about official iGoogle Theme building tool to create your own iGoogle theme has been released. But the URL to official iGoogle Thememaker was throwing 404 error and it was inaccessible till today. That was mistake from iGoogle team which is now rectified and iGoogle Theme creater is available for use.

iGoogle Theme Creator /Thememaker is web based tool with absolutely basic functionally where you can unload your own image, crop, adjust, change text color, change background color to create your own iGoogle Theme. Here is step by step guide on How to create iGoogle Theme with official iGoogle ThemeMaker.

How to Create iGoogle Theme with iGoogle Theme Creator

1. Click here to open official iGoogle ThemeMaker Page.

2. Login with your Google Account to access Theme Maker

3. Click on Upload Images button to select Image for your iGoogle Theme

Official iGoogle Theme Maker

4. You can add image in following ways,

a. Upload from your computer

Upload Image from Computer

b. Select from Picasa web album

c. Provide image URL

5. Any Upload image to iGoogle Thememaker will be available in your Picasa Web Album

6. Make sure that Upload image is of Size 680px X 116px.

7. Crop image to show only part of image or select whole image

8. Click on Apply Changes

9. You can change Header Text Color and Background Color

10. Add Title, Author Name and Description & Click on Create Theme.

iGoogle Theme

11. You need to accept Terms and Conditions as well as you can publish your iGoogle theme to Theme Directory which will be browsable by every one.

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iGoogle Terms and Condition



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