Locate or Wipe Your Lost Phone With Android Device Manager

If you’ve ever misplaced your phone, you’ll understand the panic that sets in as you wonder whether you have lost your beloved Android, left it in the car, or it has been stolen. Using Android Device Manager you can remotely call your phone from a computer as well as viewing its location on a map.

The tool goes beyond this; it is even possible to make your phone sound if the volume is turned right down. If, having viewed the location of your phone on the maps, you determine that it has been stolen, you can prevent your private data from falling into the wrong hands by remotely wiping the device.

Fire up your web browser and pay a visit to the Android Device Manager website. The first time you visit the site you’ll have to give permission for Android Device Manager to make use of location data — just click Accept.


To take advantage of the remote wiping feature, you’ll need to enable the Factory Reset option on your phone. Just how you do this will depend on which version of Android you have installed, but you can send a notification to your phone that will take your straight to the right setting; a the website, click the Send a notification to your device link.


On your device, tap the notification that appears on your device and then tap the Activate link. This gives Android Device Manager the access it need to administer your phone.


At the Android Device Manager screen that is shown next, make sure that both of the options are ticked before exiting out.

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Should you ever lose your device, you’re all set up to locate and secure it. Return to the Android Device Manager website and you’ll be shown the last known location of your device on a map.

This may be enough to help you to track down your phone, but if not, you can click the Ring button to call your phone to make it easier to locate.


The final option is to wipe your device. This will not help you to get back your missing phone, but it will help to ensure that anyone who finds it will not be able to access your private information.

Just click the Erase Device button followed by Erase.





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