Get Facebook Chatheads-Like Notifications for Incoming Calls [Android]

There are times when you are writing an email on your mobile or doing anything important for that matter, any incoming call can be quite annoying. You have to leave the work you were doing and attend the call or ignore it, but it breaks the momentum. To be honest, I really get annoyed by this and finally found the right application – CallHeads – to help me get past the incoming call screen without minimizing the current application. The idea is derived from Facebook chatheads which appear on the side of your mobile screen while using Facebook on your iOS or Android device. The application runs in the background, all you need to do is make some small customizations to suit your needs and you are done.

To get started, head over to Google Play Store and install CallHeads on your Android device. Once installed, launch the application to customize the appearance of Callheads. You will be shown a brief tutorial on how to set it up and how the whole thing works. But, there is no hard science here, all you need to do is select the appearance options and that’s it. Tap on “Let me customize this app” and it will redirect you to applications settings.

CallHeads Settings

From there, you can change the appearance and animation of the callheads as well as change the sound and select the time to postpone a call or snooze it. Tap on Call Head Visualization and choose the way you want the caller name to appear. Similarly, you can change the animation as well, by default, it is set to glowing which can be changed or even disabled completely.

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CallHeads Appearance

When someone calls you, you will see a circle with the name of the recipient who is calling you. You can tap on it and move to it anywhere on your screen or snooze it. You can answer the call in the similar fashion as you do with a normal call.

Call Heads

CallHeads is a very nifty application for Android devices which can come in handy. Do note one thing that the application has a few bugs in it, which needs work. One of the bugs that I found is that it will show you the default caller screen when you are on your home screen. First, I thought that the application doesn’t work but then I tried opening a application and then tested out the app, which to my amazement worked fine. Overall, the application needs some work but can come in handy in many situations. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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