5 Best Android Apps to Boost your Social Media Experience

As more and more new applications jump on the social networks, there are plenty of tweets to read, Instagram photos to view, videos to watch and articles to learn from. Before the influence of Social media, promoting a brand product or sharing a breaking news needs a lot of work but today with in few seconds, you can share the content to millions of people. The problem is, you have to be active on all those social applications to gain more number of audience. Smartphones actually helps you to manage multiple social apps easily. So Today I came with a set of apps for Android to manage and enhance you social media experience. Let’s take a look at those apps below.


Buffer is a popular app to share contents on multiple social accounts from a single place. You can post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and App.net using this application. Buffer is available for PC, Smartphones and Tablets. You can either post on your own or share articles from the RSS applications like Pocket, Pulse, Flipboard, Tweet Deck, etc. Even though these RSS applications have inbuilt feature to share contents on different social networks, Buffer helps you to schedule the posts. Instead of randomly sharing contents, Buffer will keep your posts in queue and share contents on the time you schedule. Also it will give you the complete analytics of the posts you have shared through Buffer.  Likes, comments and all the response related to those posts will be available in the application.


Download Buffer


If you are having a blog or a website, then Mentions is a must have app for your Android mobile. It helps you to track mentions on Twitter, Reddit and Google+. It is a very simple application, where you don’t need to sign up or anything. Just install the app and add your domain name to start using the application. For Twitter and Google+, you have to log in to your account to see the mentions. The application will automatically search and give the details of your blog topics shared  and mentioned on these social networks. This helps you to track which topics get more shares from your blog or website.

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Download Mentions


Seesmic is yet another Twitter and Facebook managing app for Android. It supports managing multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts from a single place. One of the unique features of this app is, you can create shortcuts for different categories and pages on your social accounts. For instance, in Twitter you can create a shortcut for Interactions on your Android home screen. In Facebook, you can add shortcuts of any Facebook page. Also you can create shortcuts for any categories you need on Twitter and Facebook. Unlike Buffer, you can post, like, comment, share photos, videos, etc., right from the application. It completely integrates your Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Download Seesmic

Just Unfollow

Just Unfollow is to track new followers and non-followers on Twitter and Instagram. We have separate apps on play store to track followers on Twitter and Instagram. Just Unfollow combines these two social accounts and gives a complete statistics of your followers list. It gives the current information of people who unfollowed recently, number of fans, people who are black listed and much more. For Twitter and Instagram lovers, Just Unfollow is a must have app in your smartphone. Only restricition in the app is, you can unfollow only fifty people a day in both the accounts.

Just Unfollow

Download Just Unfollow

Insta Message

By default, Instagram don’t have any personal messaging feature to people on their friends list. Insta Message is an instant messaging application for Instagram users. People who have an account in Instagram, can download this and chat with other users on the app. Once you install and connect the application, it will show you how many Insta Message users are there in your friends list. Also you can invite people whom you want to chat with. It is a great app for people who want to go more social on Instagram.

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Download Insta Message

These are all the five best applications for Android to boost your Social Media experience. Try these apps on your Android Smartphones and Tablets and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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