Easily Improve Windows Performance with ‘Registry Cleaner’

If you have been a Windows user long enough, you already know that the temporary files which are created on the system soon form a clutter and adversely affect the system’s performance. Most Windows users clean up this clutter of files using a variety of third party applications. But in addition to the temporary files, the registry needs to be cleaned up too in order to recover your PC’s performance.

Personally, I have been using ‘Registry Mechanic’ to tidy up the ‘broken’ links and errors in my Windows’ registry. However I have not been feeling very positive about using its cracked version (the application is a pay-for tool). Therefore I set out on a search for a free and competent alternative. Fortunately, I found it in the form of ‘Registry Cleaner.’

Registry Cleaner 1

Registry Cleaner is a freeware app for computers that are running the Windows OS. The function of the application is exactly what its name suggestions: it cleans up your registry and that too in a very thorough fashion. You start by downloading and installing the application’s setup file that is sized at nearly 6.5 MB. When you open the application, you will find the registry categories to scan in the left pane along with the last scan results and status in the right-center pane.

You can initiate the scan for registry errors by clicking on the button labeled Start Scan. A progress bar appears and indicates the progression of the scan.

Registry Cleaner 2

A count of all errors found so far along with the currently scanned key is displayed in the window.

Registry Cleaner 3

When the scan is over, you are shown details of the errors that were detected. The severity or ‘damage level’ of each error is also shown. You can have all of the errors quickly resolved by clicking on the button labeled Fix Errors.

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Registry Cleaner 4

The result of fixes is displayed in the subsequent window.

Registry Cleaner 5

When the scan is complete and the errors have been resolved, its status is displayed on the main window’s right-center pane.

Registry Cleaner 6

Other options of the application let you scan for errors after a particular date. If there are registry errors that you think were produced by a certain application’s installation, you can initiate the scan for after the installation date.

Registry Cleaner 7

Furthermore, you can choose advanced categories for the scan in the main window’s left pane.

As you can see, using ‘Registry Cleaner’ is extremely easy. With a few mouse clicks, you are able fix all of the errors in your registry and noticeably improve your computer’s performance.

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