Take amazing time lapse photos with your Android or iPhone

Google’s Android operating system has been a hit, to say the least. The latest news for it, coming over the past two weeks, has been the Moto X, for those in the phone shopping mode, and a brand new Nexus 7 if a tablet is on your wishlist. Both come with very good cameras, and there are countless improved ones if you wish to do even more.


But what about high-end features like doing time lapse photography? That has remained something mainly suited to DSLR shooters, but if that is not something you carry along with you all the time, and I am sure most of us do not, then there are solutions for a Nexus device, and it does not even have to be one of those fancy new one that I previously named.

To be clear, the best way to do this is with a tripod, many of which can be found online for a very reasonable price, and will fit most smartphones, though tablets may be an issue. This isn’t a necessity, but it certainly makes the process much simpler.

Now, you need an app, and that is where Lapse It Pro comes in — you get full sensor capability. I tell you Pro, but there is also a free version, though it lacks some featres that I find key to using the service. The app is available for both Android (the app was compatible with virtually all of my devices except Google TV — obviously) and iPhone.

So, what do you get? Aside from the full sensor (Pro only), there is a fast render engine, 1080p resolution, intervals starting at one second, no restrictions for capture length or frames, on screen information during capture, upload directly to YouTube, Facebook and many other, and many more.

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Settings even include the ability to add effects and music as well as trim the video. This makes editing your finished product much easier, once you have captured it.

Lapse It • Time Lapse • Lite - screenshot


This is not the only app that can handle time lapse photography on your device, but in my humble opinion, it is the best. there are amny great camera apps, including ones that can handle HDR imagery and even more. The app works great, though, as I said, I recommend a tripod to make you life easier.



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