Flipboard Magazines are Now Accessible on the Web

Since everyone have their own Smartphones and Tablets, E-books and E-magazines has become more popular in a quick span of time. Instead of carrying two or three books on your bag, you can take hundreds of e-books in a tablet or a smartphone. iPad and other Android tablets have a very good screen resolution and display, which gives a great readability to users. That’s why we have plenty of e-magazine apps and RSS readers for those mobile devices. Flipboard is one of the best e-magazine app for tablets and smartphones. You can add all your favorite blogs, websites and your social account news feeds to your Flipboard account.

In your Flipboard account, you can categorize magazines, blogs and articles on various topics and get updates instantly. All the popular stories, trending news, famous posts on your social accounts will be on the home screen. Previously Flipboard was available only for Smartphones and Tablets, now those magazines and articles can be accessed on the web interface using the same account. Last month Google discontinued its Google Reader service. This Flipboard web introduction will be a great alternative for Google Reader by the same time it is a competition for other RSS Readers on the web.


Flipboard is famous for its unique concept of navigation through the content. The Flipboard on web has an excellent interface, where you can easily navigate and browse your favorite articles. Just like mobile app, all the trending stories will be available on the home screen. One of the important web tool introduced by Flipboard team is the “Flip it” button for your browser. Just drag that button to your bookmark bar and add all your favorite blogs to Flipboard on the go. It will also be synced to your mobile devices.

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Creating your personalized magazine is so simple. Just click the “+” symbol on any article you browse and add it to the category you need. Also you can create a new category to add those articles. All the magazines you create will be visible to public also you can share them manually to your social accounts. If you want to make any of those articles private, you choose that while creating it or you can keep a separate magazine for private links.


Flipboard is personally one of my favorite app for mobile devices but this web introduction has impressed me with its content navigation and readability. People who use Flipboard on their Smartphones and Tablets, should definitely try this web interface. Surely you will love it. Also share your views about this new web app in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this article with your friends.

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