‘EditPad Lite’ is an Excellent Replacement for Windows Notepad

Microsoft has been shipping the same version Notepad with its Windows operating system for as long as I can remember. For some reason, Microsoft simply does not consider Notepad worth the trouble. This is quite strange as most people require a small desktop utility to quickly view and take their notes.

The gaps left by Notepad in the functionality are thankfully filled by numerous third party applications. So far, I had personally been using my favorite Notepad-alternative called Metapad. Metapad was as lightweight as Notepad but it features fonts, clickable URLs, and a lot more. Now I have come across an even better Notepad alternative that offers a lot of features along with tabbed note-taking. The app that I am referring to is called EditPad Lite.

EditPad Lite 01

EditPad Lite comes in a setup file that is sized at nearly 9 MB. When you are installing the application, you have the option to install it on your computer the orthodox way or to install it as a portable application somewhere on your PC or on a USB flash drive. When the app is installed, you can open it and begin taking your notes. In order to open up a new note-taking tab, simply use the Ctrl+N hotkey shortcut to open a new note; this opens a blank new tab. Where users previously had to shift between their Notepad windows, they will now have to only shift tabs within the same EditPad Lite window. In addition to providing you with tabs, the app offers numerous other features that make it extremely powerful. For example, you can easily transform select text to uppercase or lowercase; you can also set the initial letters to uppercase or simply invert the case of the selected text.

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EditPad Lite 02

People who plan on using their note-taking app as a text editor for HTML code will be glad to know that EditPad Lite fully supports HTML. From line indentation to syntax highlighting, HTML coders will find the app’s features highly useful. When the code-editing process is complete, you can quickly send it to be viewed in a browser through a shortcut button on the application.

EditPad Lite 03

Other features that coders in particular will appreciate are whitespace trimming, deletion of duplicate lines, and consolidation of blank lines.

EditPad Lite 04

Specific text can be searched for using the app’s built-in support for regular expressions in addition to the regular text-search. Search-and-replace features are also provided by the application.

EditPad Lite 05

Overall, EditPad Lite will excellently serve any Windows users who want to break free from the weak text-editor that Notepad is. You should definitely check out this app – you will not be disappointed.

Click here to get EditPad Lite.



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