Flow For Reddit: A Minimalist Reddit Client for Android

Reddit is a great way to pass time online. The website works great on computers but may not offer the most optimized and user-friendly experience when you visit the page on your mobile. To browse Reddit on your mobile, you need a decent application that can help you make full use of Reddit. Flow for Reddit is one such Android app that handles this task very efficiently.

The application provides a clean and minimalist interface that works very well on Android handsets. You can check stories, login with your account, up vote stories, comment on them and much more. The application has a built-in YouTube player and Image viewer to help users view videos and images right inside the application.

To get started, all you need to do is download the application from Google Play Store and install it. To use Flow for Reddit, you don’t need to login with your Reddit credentials. However, you need to login if you want to comment on them or up vote any story. To view any story, tap on any post and it will show you the content. On the main screen, you can also see the number of comments and up vote/ down votes a story has. Tap on the comment icon from the top if you want to leave a feedback or message on any specific post. You can even create posts from within the application, share links and almost everything you can do from the main site.

Flow Reader Reddit

The application also features some decent sorting options. Swipe from right to left and it will show you sorting methods for the front page or whichever category you are viewing. The application also shows all the tags in the sidebar. Just tap on any one of them to view the latest news and additions or subscribe to any one of them if you are logged in.

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Flow Reddit Sidebar

The application also allows users to change the layout and theme of the application. If you are not comfortable with the default view, you can switch to Card view from the application settings. You can also change the appearance such as font colors, title fonts, etc.

Flow Reddit Settings

Flow for Reddit is a must have application for all those Reddit lovers who want to get access to the website with a decent interface on their mobile. Feel free to share your thoughts if you tried Flow for Reddit.

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