Playjack Gives A Personalized YouTube Stream in your Browser

Extensions are the biggest strength for Google Chrome. By default, it’s a very light weighted and simple browser. Extensions gives much more functions and features to the browser. Google Chrome has extensions for all the popular web services, games, apps, etc., to use them effectively. Especially for Google products like Gmail, YouTube, Google+, etc., we have plenty of apps to simplify our job. Recently I wrote about a Chrome extension to block all the video ads and normal ads on YouTube. Today I came with an interesting app called “Playjack” which gives a personalized YouTube stream in your browser.


Playjack is a new extension for chrome, which lets you  search, play and organize videos right from your browser. You can download the extension from Chrome web store using the link below. Once you install the extension, you can see Playjack icon near to the URL bar. Click that icon to open the application in a new tab. The home page of the application will look similar to screenshot above. In the home page, you can see all the trending music and videos on the Internet. In the top right you have Playjack Facebook page button, settings, playlist and search option.


Playjack has its own list of categories in the homepage. In the left side of the window, below the home button you can see a list of categories. All the trending videos on that particular category will be available on the list. Playjack lets you create a personalized playlist on your browser. You can easily search and add videos from YouTube. It has an another cool option to add some filter effects while watching videos. When you move the cursor to the bottom of the window, you can see a tool bar as shown in the screenshot above.  Each one have a different effect and you can try that while watching the video.

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Playjack will save all your browsing and search history in the application. You can easily erase them in Settings on the home page. Apart from the playlist, you can manually search songs and add them to queue just by pressing the shift button and left click on the video. As you move your cursor on the screen, in the right bottom corner of the window you can see a hint of that particular option.

It is a must have extension for YouTube lovers and all the chrome users. Try this on your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Playjack for Chrome



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