Find Out If the Shortened URL Is Safe to Open

URL Shortening services have become fairly popular but there is still a security threat that lies within. All these shortened URLs redirect you to other websites and there is no easy way to find out where it will take you just by looking at the link. Sometimes, you may end up on a malware infected URL that will also damage your computer. URL Uncover is one such web application that allows users to find out the destination URL behind a shortened link. It also helps users find out if it’s safe to visit any shortened URL or not.


URL Uncover is really simple and easy to use. All you need to do is paste the shortened URL in the field provided to find out if it’s safe to open. After analyzing the link, it will show you the complete URL behind the shortened link, keywords, title, description as well as the health of the link. The site uses McAfee SiteAdvisor to test all the submitted URLs and check if they are trusted URLS or not. The service will even fetch the screenshot of the web page and display in the table provided.

url-uncover- test

There are other web services on the internet as well but most of them will only tell you where the shortened URL will lead you to. The web application also has a pro version but after testing both them, I didn’t find any visible different between the two. They do say that the pro version is faster but I found them to be the same. Which application do you use to find out about the health of a shortened URL? Feel free to share it with us using the comments below.

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