Mask Me: A Browser Extension Hides your Actual Information from the Websites

Privacy is one of the important factors on the Internet. Though you have a good antivirus app and a secured browser, if there is any mistake from user side there are chances of security breach. User data like email, phone numbers and bank related information are the target of hackers and many telemarketing companies. Phishing is the common way of stealing user data using fake links and form filling websites.

Many fake websites and some small companies will sell the user information like email id and phone numbers to the telemarketing people. In order to get rid of all these things, today I came with an application called “Mask Me” from Abine, which hides your actual information from the unknown websites. Abine is a developer of security applications for browsers. Do not track me, Delete me and Mask me are the three applications developed by Abine. Do not Track me and Delete me are similar to the disconnect app we’ve reviewed before. So lets have a look at the functions of Mask me on your browser.


You cannot say all the websites you reveal your personal information are safe. In most of the websites, to download something you need to create a new account. In that case you can’t give all your personal information in some unknown website. Mask me actually helps you to hide your email id, phone number and credit card details from any websites you need. Once you install the application you can create an account and a temporary email id to avoid such spams. Your information like email id, phone number and card details will be saved on your Mask Me account and will be auto filled securely wherever you need.

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It is similar to the web app called 10 minute mail but that is just for creating a temporary email. Mask Me will filter all the unwanted mails and calls from your email id and the phone number in your account.  As I said before the credit card information and other password details canalso be saved in your account. In free version you can filter only the emails, to add  your phone number and card details, you need to switch to the premium account. You can check the plans an pricing in their website.  Mask Me has an inbuilt password generator, which gives you a strong password while you sign up for other websites.


You can easily sync this app with browsers on different PC and mobile browsers. So you don’t need to provide the same information on different devices. Just log in to your Mask Me account and provide your personal details anywhere safely. Mask me is now available for Chrome and Firefox. You can download the app using the link below. Try this app on your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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