OneFeed Converts Chrome New Tab Page into a Social Dashboard

Few weeks before I wrote about a chrome extension to get the daily news and weather report of your location. Today I came with a similar app for Chrome with much more features and functions. OneFeed is a new extension for Chrome, which has the ability to convert your browser’s New Tab Page into a personal RSS Reader. Apart from integrating the RSS Feeds of different websites, one of the important option is you can connect your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.


As soon as you install extension, you can see a window pop up on your screen as shown in the screenshot above. You can click and enter your log in details to connect with any of those social accounts. Then all your updates from these social networks can be seen from your browser. This extension also offers connectivity towards the cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive. You can view cloud data from your new tab page. Also there is a search option on the page which helps you to search the contents in Google Drive and Dropbox right from your browser.


By default, in the new tab page there will be apps and recent web pages will be available. So if you want to add any web page or chrome apps, click the “+” symbol window and choose from the installed applications. This will give you a quick access to your Chrome apps. By default there will be some of the trending news from popular blogs will be available on your new tab page. You have to use the same “+” symbol to add your favorite blog’s RSS feeds link.

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You can add only eight different links for a page but if you want you can move to the next page and add more links. Like that you can add any number pages you want. In each page at the bottom of the window recent news from popular blogs will be available. Next to that you can see two small left and right arrow buttons. Using that you can change the background of your new tab page. If you have logged in to your Gmail account, there will be a Gmail icon in the right top corner of the page which will show you a small hint of the last email you have  received.


It is a great extension to have all your favorite news feeds, social feeds and cloud data in a single place. So try this app in your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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