BitTorrent Sync: Securely Transfer Files between Android Devices and PC

Torrent is the one of the secured way of downloading files from the Internet. Before cloud storage and all these modern file transfer methods were introduced torrents are the common way of transferring files between multiple devices. Still torrents are used as the secured way of transferring any number of large files on the Internet. It is a peer-to-peer connectivity, where data is transferred and shared from multiple devices. Using this concept, few months before BitTorrent has introduced an application called BitTorrent Sync to sync files between different PC (Windows, Mac and Linux).



Now they have introduced the same app for Android devices, so that you can sync the data between your PC, Smartphones and Android tablets easily. You can download the android app using the link at the end of this post. After you install the application, in the home page you can see three main options Sync, Send and Backup as shown in the screenshot above. Using the first option “Sync” you can sync the folders from your Android phone or Tablet to other Android devices.


The next option  “Send” is used to send or receive files between different mobile devices. You can choose the files from your Smartphone or Tablet and send them to other android devices. As soon as you click the send button it will create a QR Code and using “Receive Files” option on the other device you can scan that QR Code and download the file.


Using this BitTorrent application you can also backup files and folders from Android devices to your PC. You can choose any folder on the Android device to sync with your PC and create a backup securely. Once you select the folders you need to backup, it will generate a key to securely transfer the files between devices. So other devices cannot download or view those files without the security key.

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Since, it doesn’t have cloud or any other storage in between transfers, you data is completely secured. The device in which you have the file to sync, will generate a QR Code and the other device will scan that code and sync those files in it. So, it is completely secured and your files will not be stored in any online storage medium.

The application is now in beta stage, so it works only with WiFi and it will not work in 3G/4G cellular connections. The BitTorrent team is now working on iOS applications, so soon it will be available for iPhone and iPad. As of now for Android and PC, the application is available for free and you can securely sync files between your devices. Download and try this application in your Android device and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download BitTorrent Sync for Android

Download BitTorrent Sync for PC



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