Manage All your Extensions and Apps in Chrome using SimpleExtManager

Compared to all the other leading browsers, Chrome has got plenty of useful extensions and applications in its Chrome Web Store. In our blog we’ve reviewed plenty of Google Chrome extensions, which adds more functions and efficiency to the browser. So people who use Chrome need to install lots of extensions, apps and themes in their browser. It is bit difficult to manage all those applications manually. So today I came  with a new extension called “SimpleExtManager” for Chrome, which helps to manage all the extensions, apps and themes installed in your browser. You can quickly review all the apps, disable them and access their settings right from your Chrome tool bar using this extension.


You can download the extension from Chrome Web Store using the link below. Once you install the extension, you can see a black icon in your Chrome toolbar. Click that and you will get a drop down box as shown in the screenshot above. In that box you can see all the installed extensions, apps and themes in your browser. Enable or disable all those apps in just a click using the extension manager. Also disable all apps and extensions installed in Chrome with just a single click using the “Disable All” option at the end of the box.


If you have plenty of extensions installed in your browser, organize them into separate groups using the extension manager. Click “groups” button in the bottom of the drop down box and in “Options” select the extensions you need to keep in a separate group. After selecting the extensions, type a group name on the top and click “Save group”, that’s all your group is created. You can create any number of groups you need and access them quickly in the chrome tool bar. Apart from creating groups in the “Options” page you can also edit the settings of the extension as shown in the screenshot below.

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As you can see in the settings page, you can completely customize the options of extensions manager. Easily show or remove the apps and themes category, arrange them in alphabetical order, remove the disable buttons and much more with just a click. This simple extension will let you take control over all the extensions and apps in your browser. Try this SimpleExtManger in Chrome and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download SimpleExtManager for Chrome



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