Banana Tag: Helps you Track Emails you send from Gmail

In these last five years, apart from phone calls and text messages, email has become an important medium of communication. Though we have plenty of email services available online, Gmail is one of the widely used applications. The only drawback in email communications is, we will not know whether the concerned person have read the email or not. We don’t receive any notifications or message about what happened to the mail we sent. To overcome these things today I came with a new application called “Banana Tag”, which helps you to track the email you send from your Gmail account.


Few months before, Facebook has updated a feature to see whether the person have seen your chat message or not. The same feature is also available in most of the instant messengers like iMessage, WhatsApp, etc. Now Banana Tag for Gmail is going to do the same for you. As soon as the person open your email account, it will send you a mail with a  message “An Email has been opened” as shown in the screenshot above. This will helps you to know the status of your email. You can download Banana Tag using the link at the end of this post. It works as a browser extension  and right now it is available for Chrome and Firefox.


To start with Banana Tag, you need to create an account in their website. Then you can download and install the extension for your browser. Create your account with the email you need to use, it will be convenient for you to sync and track the messages. After you create the account, you will be redirected to the dashboard as shown in the screenshot above. In email you will get only the notifications, complete details of the email will be available here in your account. Also you can see the number of emails you have tracked and all their details will be available in the form of graph in your dashboard. You can choose between particular dates and see the number of emails you have sent and what is the response for them.

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To track an email just click the check box with Banana Tag symbol on the bottom of your compose window. Banana Tag has both free and paid accounts. In free account you can track only 5 emails a day and in premium account you can track upto 200 emails a day. You can plans and pricing for premium accounts in their website. Also I’ll tell you how to protect yourself from getting tracked. Don’t click the “Display Images Below” option in your Email. Also don’t click any unknown links came with your email. These are the two ways to protect yourself. So try this in your Gmail account and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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