Find Out If There is Any Promotion on Apps with AppSales [Android]

For Android users, it is not an easy task to find out if any application is available for free or faces a price drop. Unlike iOS, there are just a few places that can help Android users find out about daily deals and apps that are available for free on any specific day. If you are looking for a simple application to help find out about daily promotions and apps gone free, you should definitely give AppSales a try.

AppSales lists daily applications that are offered at a discounted price for a limited time period. The discount can range from 100% to any specific percentage depending on the developer.  You can even create your own watchlist from within the application or via Google Play Store. The application has a very simple interface with the list of applications that are available at a promotional price, sorted by date.


To find out more details about the application, simply tap on it and it will show you all the details including its rating, price, downloads, price history and much more. Tapping on the price button (buy) will redirect you to Google Play Store from where you can purchase/download the application.


To add any application to your watchlist, simply find it on Google Play Store, tap on the “open in” button on the top right corner, select share and open it in Price History to find out if the application was available at a promotional price. From the same application window, simply tap on the “Add to Watchlist” and it will add the item to your wishlist. The next time that application goes on sale, it will show you a notification on your device.

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The application also offers users with wide range of customization options. You can manually select any specific category that should be display when you launch the application. Interestingly, you can also setup filters so that AppSales only display those applications that are based on your defined criteria. You can mention the minimum discount and minimum downloads for any specific application.


In conclusion, I must say that it’s a very decent application if you want to find out about application promotions every day. It may not be the perfect fit for everyone but still, it can be useful for all those app watchers who are looking for discounts on their favorite apps. Feel free to share your thoughts if you tried AppSales.

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