How to Easily Create GIF Animations from Videos with ‘QGifer’ [Windows]

We see GIF animations created out of popular videos everywhere on the internet. But how does one actually create these animations? While the average internet user is certainly familiar with GIF images, he / she does not usually know of a convenient way to create these animations out of the videos that they have.

If you fall into this category of internet users and you want to be able to easily create GIF animations from videos that you have, you should take ‘QGifer’ out for a test drive.

QGifer 01

QGifer is an excellent piece of desktop freeware that is compatible with computers that are running Windows. The function of this nifty application is to help PC owners create GIF animations out of the videos that they have stored on their computers. The interface of the application lets you preview the video and select markers from where to start and stop the animation. Output options let you specify the dimensions, frames, and palette bit size of the resultant GIF image.

To get started, you will need to download and install QGifer’s setup file that is sized at nearly 14 MB. The next step involves opening the application and then opening a locally stored video within it. The interface has menus and buttons in the top pane, various options in the left pane, and the video preview in the right pane. Once you have opened the video, you can specify the preview options from the left pane. You can set preferences for frames per second, zoom level, aspect ratio, and looping.

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QGifer 02

In the same area, you can specify the output properties of the application. Dimensions and palette size are two of the most important options that you will be setting for the output.

QGifer 03

Once you have reached the starting point in the video, you can begin recording the GIF image by setting the starter point through the menu options. Similarly you can stop the animation at your desired video frame. Keyboard hotkey shortcuts for starting and stopping frames are also provided. Optionally you can objects and texts on top of your GIF frames.

QGifer 04

Once you have marked the stopping frame you can use the “Extract GIF” option (hotkey shortcut: Ctrl+G) to begin rendering your GIF animation. The progress of this process is shown by a percentage bar.

QGifer 05

When the output is complete, you can preview (and save) from the app’s built-in GIF previewer. You can choose to save the animation ever few frames or so, in order to reduce the overall file size.

QGifer 06

With your GIF animation is saved and stored on your computer, you can use it anywhere you want online. In this simple way, you are able to conveniently create GIF animations from locally stored videos.

You can get ‘QGifer’ from here.



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