Caffeine – How to Prevent your PC from Sleeping by Keeping it Active

Back in the early days of computers, the amount of power a computer consumed was not of much importance. Modern computers however, not only consume lesser power than before but they also come with built-in power-saving features. These features kick in when the computer is idle. An excellent example of such a feature is when your computer goes to sleep after a certain period of inactivity.

While the sleeping feature is certainly helpful in most cases, some users find it inconvenient in various circumstances: when file downloads are ongoing; when people want their instant messaging client to remain online; etc. One could always change the sleep settings from the Control Panel but a much easier solution is provided by a portable utility that is appropriately titled ‘Caffeine.’

Caffeine 01

Caffeine is a tiny yet highly useful desktop application for computers that are running the Windows OS. The function of the application is to keep your computer active by simulating keystroke every 59 seconds. This prevents your computer from going to sleep, amongst other things. For example, applications are unable to detect that you are not actually using your computer. This can be very helpful when you want your applications to keep on running uninterrupted.

To get started, you must download Caffeine’s setup ZIP archive that is sized at only 15 KB. Once you extract the archive’s contents, run the EXE file you uncompressed – this will run the application; since the utility is portable, you will not need to install it. Once the app is running, you can see its icon present in the System Tray (see image above). Right click on this icon to reveal the options of the application.

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Caffeine 02

First, to get an idea of all the things the app is capable of, you should click its ‘About’ option in the menu. This opens up a window that shows all the Command Line options of the app.

Caffeine 03

People who do not dabble with the Command Line will find it most convenient to stick with the right-click menu options. By default, the application’s status is ‘Active’. You can use the options to keep the computer active indefinitely, keep the computer active for a certain amount of time, or keep the computer inactive for a certain amount of time.

Caffeine 04

Keeping the computer inactive is an option that will serve excellently when you want to test whether or not a certain app detects the idle state of your computer.

Overall, Caffeine provides a very useful feature and that too in an extremely tiny package. This is an app every Windows user should have in his / her toolbox.

Check out ‘Caffeine‘ over here.



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