Send and Receive Android Text Messages in Gmail using this Chrome Extension

Few days before I wrote about an android app to sync  Android Text messages with your PC and other Android devices. Today I came with a simple chrome extension called “GText”, which helps you to send and receive text messages of your Android phone directly from Gmail. Though Gmail has an option to send text messages, using this extension you can send messages using your Android phone number. In order to connect your phone number you have to install an application called MightyText in your Android mobile.


MightyText, is a multipurpose application which also helps you to sync text messages with Android Tablets and PC. So it’s worth the download, if you haven’t installed it before. Once you install the app, you can register using the primary email address you have connected with your Android mobile. After completing the process,  you will see a link to visit the MightyText website with your Gmail account as shown in the screenshot above. Now go to your browser and download GText from the Chrome web store using the link below.


Once you download and install the extension, just go to MightyText website and log in with your Gmail id. Now open a new tab and go to your Gmail account, you can see a new button “Compose SMS” below the regular email Compose option. Click that button to compose a new message and connect with your friends. All the text messages will be saved as conversations in your Gmail account. You will receive notifications for incoming messages and the message conversations will look similar to Gmail Chat. You can modify all these options for notifications and conversations in the “Settings” near to the Compose SMS button.

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GText is a great application, where you can send and receive text messages even when your smartphone is not around. Also it will act as a backup for all your text messages, you can review them whenever you want.  GText also supports images, videos and audio files. You can send and receive all these type of files from your Gmail account. It is similar to iMessage for iOS devices. In MightyText you can also have app for Android Tablets and Windows PC. Download them to stay in touch with text messages across various devices.

This will be a very useful extension for people who use Gmail all the day. Every time you don’t need to check your Smartphone for your text messages. You will receive notifications and reply to them right from your Gmail account. Try this chrome extension in your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download GText for Chrome



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