Using this App get iOS 7 Style Control Center For Android

Recently Apple has released the newer version of iOS in their developer conference last month. Apart from design changes and features, one of the important update that has attracted many users is the bottom control center. Now using “Control Center” app you can have the same feature in your Android Smartphone. In iOS, Previously the controls were available on top of the screen, where you need to swipe down to access them. Also in the previous version, the controls were very limited. Now the new bottom control center has got plenty of features and shortcuts to most of the important functions.


This new “Control Center” application has got the same look in iOS and you can have more important functions on the screen. You can download this application from Play Store using the link below. Once you install the app, you will be redirected to the settings page as shown in the screenshot above. Activate the control center using the Start Service option in the settings. Also you can see some of the other options below to customize the control center on your screen. You can control a small arrow on bottom of your screen using the “Arrow Indicator” option. Either you can enable or disable using this.


You can choose either click or swipe to expand the control center using “Click arrow to expand”. Using “Touch vibration” you can turn on or turn off the vibaration. This “Touchable Area” will redirect you to an other screen as shown in the screenshot above. In this you can select where you need to touch in the bottom of your screen to open the control center. Also the width and height of the touch sensitivity  to get the controls. This will be helpful to prevent the control center from popping up while using other apps.

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The control center has all the options in Android’s native notification bar on the top. Also you can have important shortcuts in the bottom of the app which helps you to navigate quickly to your desired application when you are in a middle of an another app. By default there will some apps on the control center, you can change them by long pressing on the app. Control Center has both Free and Paid versions. Premium app has got much more features than the free version.

So first you can download the free app and if you like it you can go for the paid ones. It is a must have application for people who love the new iOS 7 control center. Try this on your Android mobile and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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