Kiind: Send Gift Cards to your Friends and Pay When it is Used

Few years before, people used to buy gifts from shop and give it to their friends and family members. The trend has completely changed and most of the people prefer Gift Cards instead of buying a gift. The main advantage of Gift Cards are, you can send it anywhere in the world right from your desk. Also there is a drawback in sending the Gift cards. If the Gift card you have sent, is not used within that period of time, it will be expired and your money is wasted. In order to get rid of this we have a new application called Kiind, where you can send Gift Cards for all the leading shopping sites and retailers and pay when it used.


It is a great application, where you need to pay maximum of $0.49 until the person use your Gift Card. Sounds Great isn’t it ? It helps to save your money from the unused Gift Cards. To start with this, first you need to create an account in the Kiind application. You can visit the website using the link below. Once you complete the Signup process, you can see “Gift Marketplace” in the application. It has Gift Cards for more than 20 leading shopping sites and retailers. Just click the brand name and choose your Gift Card.


For all the other shopping sites and retailers, you can choose only the Gift Card but for Amazon alone, you can choose both Gift Cards and Books. Books can be either Paperbacks or E-books for Kindle. Also when you choose Amazon, you can send gift recommendations from the website. After you choose a shopping site or a retailer you will get a new pop-up where you can choose the existing gift card amount or you can manually type the amount in the “Other” section. All these Gift Cards are sent to the recipients through email. So once the person receive your Gift Card he/she can add it to their digital wallet and use it within that period of time.

Once they use your Gift Card you will receive a notification in your email and you will be charged from the Credit Card you have connected with your Kiind account. For sending Gift Card to one to ten people you will be charged $0.49 and the processing charges will be reduced if you are sending Gift Cards to more number of people. It will be very helpful for people who are running a Campaign or a Giveaway. Kiind is available for iPhone and iPad, you can download the app from App Store. So if you are think to send a Gift Card to your friend or a family member try Kiind and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading and please share this post with your friends.

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