Customize Your New Tabs Page with My Chrome Theme

Chrome launched with a new concept — a customized New Tab Page — that has since been borrowed by other browsers, giving users many more options when simply opening a page. Not only does it display most-visited sites for easy navigation, but customers can also access apps and even pay a visit to the Chrome Web Store to search out themes, Apps and Extensions.

Perhaps the coolest part of all of this, though, is the themes — images that can be used as a background on the page. The simplest option for this little bit of customization is to visit the Chrome Web Store and browse the “Themes” section, where you will find countless images that have been added by customers and developers. But what if your heart desires a theme of your very own?

My Chrome Theme not only allows for easy creation of your very own background image, but also makes it easy to share with friends, family and the public.

Once you have grabbed the app and installed it, then head to the Apps section of a New Tab and click on My Chrome Theme to launch the service.

start making a thheme

Once open, click “Start Making Theme” to begin. You will find two options from which to choose — Upload Image or Use Webcam. I shall refrain from narcissism and choose an image as opposed to putting myself on the screen, so let’s upload a nice picture from a past hiking trip.

image source

Now that your image has uploaded you can adjust its position or import a different image if you do not like the way this one looks. When you are satisfied go ahead and click “Continue to Step 2”.

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my chrome theme colors

The final step shows you a preview of what your theme will look like.  If you aren’t happy then you can click “Step 2″ on the left to go back in time and make changes.  On the other hand, if you like it then just add a name and click “Make my theme”.

When  creation is complete then My Chrome Theme provides a link to share your theme, which is stored on the “” site.

You can, of course, keep your new creation to yourself, but the link can also be shared with family and friends, or even embedded within a web site to share with the world — Little Stony Man Summit Shenandoah. Now that you have seen the basics, go forth and be creative and, if you don’t mind, share your work with the rest of us.



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