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Are you looking for a simple way to get more control over the flash content on the internet? Adobe Flash may not be the most stable plugin, at least, that’s what I think because it keeps on crashing at my side. Obviously, you can completely disable it as well by going to about:plugins but this way, you may miss some stuff that might come in handy, and even YouTube. If you are looking for a simple way to control Flash content in Google Chrome, try FlashControl extension for Google Chrome.


FlashControl is a very handy extension for Google Chrome that gives you complete control of Flash objects on any website you visit. The extension replaces the content with clickable placeholders helping you conserve your system resources and reduce memory usage. You can load/unload flash content on web pages, permanently or temporary, and apply content filter to automatically block offensive and inappropriate content.

Once installed, the first thing you would be asked to do is configure the plugin. If you want, you can follow the onscreen instructions or simply go to extension settings to enable it, customize the appearance of icon, manage filters and add websites to whitelist/blacklist and much more.

flashcontrol settings

Now, if you open any website that has flash content, it will display a small flash icon that can be used to temporarily or permanently, block/unblock flash content. You will be able to see flash icon in your address bar as well. Upon visiting any flash related website, the extension show you an icon which when clicked will enable the content. You can also choose to display a re-block icon if you want to blog the content after checking it.

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FlashControl is a very useful extension that can help you improve the performance of your browser, helping you to stay away from all the flash annoyances while you browse. Feel free to share your thoughts using the comments below.

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