SafeWallet: An Excellent Password Manager for Smartphones

Today password managers have become essential because of increasing online accounts and threats. If you have more than ten different passwords for your online accounts, you can’t remember everything and sometimes there are chances of losing your important data. That’s why people prefer password managers to manage all their online information safely in a single place. There are famous password managing apps like 1Password, Lastpass, etc.., were available for Smartphones.  In that list, we have a new password manager called SafeWallet, which has got some added features compared to your old password managers.


Two main features of all password managers is, you can store all your credentials like credit card details, passport information, etc., safely in your account and you can easily sync them across various devices. SafeWallet have these two features and it also supports iOS devices, PC and all the leading browsers. So you can easily sync all your Passwords and all the other sensitive information across various devices safely. Once you install the extension, you should create an account which will help to sync your information with different devices.


On the home page of the application, you can see three main categories Vault, Logins and Favorites. The Vault is the default place where you can store all your important information like Card details, Bank details, Passport related information, etc. In Log in section you can save the log in details of all your online accounts. You cannot create log in details from your mobile phone, so you need to install the browser extension from Safewallet website and you can sync the log in details from your browser. The information which you need frequently can be added to favorites and quickly access them.

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To install the extensions in your browsers first you need to download the application for PC. After you install the application, it will automatically sync with your browsers. Every time you visit a log in page in your browser, it will ask you whether to sync those details with your SafeWallet account or not. This application has an inbuilt password generator, which will give you a strong password in the length you need with a combination of numbers, upper case, lower case and symbols. All these information you update on your account will be synced in all the devices you have connected.


For instance, if you are updating a log in information in your browser it will be updated in all the connected browsers, Android and iOS devices. So you don’t need to worry about losing your password anymore. Few drawbacks of this application is you cannot take a snapshot of your credit card and save that  image in your Safewallet account. As of now, it doesn’t support mobile browsers, so you have to manually enter the log in details while you visit the page in your mobile browser.

Other than this, Safewallet is a great application which helps you manage all your confidential information safely. You can download this application from PlayStore for free. Try Safewallet in your Smartphones and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download SafeWallet for Android and iOS



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