Display Passwords Behind Asterisks in Firefox

There are many ways which can be used to reveal the password behind the asterisks in your browser. One common way is to make a small change in the source file in your browser that will reveal the letters behind asterisks in password fields. But in case you are not good with coding and don’t want to mess with it, there are a handful of extensions available for different browsers.

If you are a Firefox user looking for a simple way to show the password hidden behind the asterisk, try Show/Hide Passwords addon for Firefox. As the name of the extension suggests, it allows users to display the password behind the asterisk with the help of a Show button, something similar to Windows network connection.


To get started, head over to Mozilla Add-on Repository and install Show/Hide Password. Once installed, just head over to any website and you will notice a “Show” button beneath the password field. We tested it on a few service such as Gmail and WordPress, and it worked without any problem. The only services we couldn’t find the option on the main page of Facebook. It did show the “Show” button but it was in the sign up field. If you enter a wrong password, Facebook will redirect you to the login error page again where it does show the option.

Other than this, it works on most of the pages. A word of caution for all those users who save their passwords, this would compromise your privacy as anyone who has access to your computer can see your password. So, this extension must be used with extreme caution. Feel free to share your thoughts .

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Download Show/Hide Password for Firefox



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