Use ReminderFox to Easily Schedule Reminders, Manage Tasks, and Synchronize Lists

People who work on their computers often spend the entire day in front of the computer screen, working on one task or the other. This makes it easy to lose track of time and for important things to slip our mind. Therefore it is best to use applications that provide us with reminders on the thing that we stare at the most: the computer screen. For users of Mozilla Firefox, such reminders of important tasks and events can be easily set by using a helpful tool called ReminderFox.

ReminderFox 01

ReminderFox is an add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. This nifty add-on is tiny but you should not be fooled by its size – it packs a lot of punch. From scheduling reminders to setting up alarms, from synchronizing your tasks with online calendars categorizing your tasks, this add-on offers a unique blend of versatility. When you are done installing the add-on, you can access it from the bottom right corner of your Firefox window, where it says “Welcome to ReminderFox!” Clicking there will open up the add-on’s window where you will find a list of your tasks and reminders. The window appears in the left pane whereas a calendar to select dates appears in the right pane of the window.

ReminderFox 02

You can click on the Add Event button in the bottom left to add reminders for events and chores. For each event, you can add specify name, notes, dates and times for Start and End, whether or not you want the reminder to recur, whether or not you want to view an alarm popup, whether the entry is important, and what category should the task belong to.

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ReminderFox 03

A dropdown in this window lets you select a category from a few predefined options set in the app.

ReminderFox 04

In addition to adding tasks, you can setup quick alarms for any type of task that you want to be reminded of. All you have to do is specify the alarm’s description and the time that it goes off. Optionally, you can add notes to the alarm.

ReminderFox 05

When the alarm goes off, a window appears on screen which shows you the description of the alarm along with the notes that you added earlier. You have a Snooze option available that lets you temporarily dismiss the alarm.

ReminderFox 06

Note that the alarm in this application does not support playing sounds. (For an alarm-with-sound application, you should check out Free Alarm Clock.)

Other extremely useful features of the application include creating lists for your tasks and reminders. Just specify the name of the list and provide the URL of a calendar in case you want events in the list to be gotten from a specific online calendar.

ReminderFox 07

When you are done adding your lists, you can change them through the dropdown available on top of the window.

ReminderFox 08

The abovementioned features are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ReminderFox. To see what else the add-on has to offer, all you need to do is access its options. Over there you are able to modify its interface, specify the tooltip properties, and add synchronization details.

ReminderFox 09

Evidently, this tiny little add-on is feature-rich and will serve excellently when it comes to reminding users of events and letting them manage their tasks. If you are looking for a way to get reminded of important tasks while working on your browser, then this add-on is precisely what you should try.

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You can check out ReminderFox over here.



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