Stereomood – How to Stream Music that Matches your Mood

For a lot of us, music is the ingredient that fuels our day. From your morning run to your concentration at the workplace, you can complement everything with music. But simply having ‘good’ music is not enough to keep your mental juices flowing. You need to have good music that suits your mood. Here to help you stream the music that corresponds to the exact mood you are in is an excellent website called “Stereomood.”

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For music fans, it does not get any better than the aptly named site called Stereomood. Not only does the website make it absolutely free to stream endless hours of good music, but it also helps you filter the songs according to the mood you are in. To simply stream music off the site, you need not create any account but if you would like to save the music that you listen to, you should create an account before you start using the site’s services. To begin, all you have to do is type the mood that you are in. Alternatively, you can choose one of the moods that are shown as thumbnails on the site’s homepage.

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Along with featured moods, you can check out the moods that have been ‘hot this week,’ popular, or simply ‘casual vibes.’ A list of songs is populated that are tagged according to your typed mood. The playlist begins playing automatically and you can just sit back and enjoy the music.

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Although you can simply keep on streaming the music being played by Stereomood, there numerous other features of the website that you can make use of. For example, you can add tags to the song currently being played; you can skip certain songs or go back to the ones you like; you can shuffle the tracks so they get played in a random order; you can report a song for abuse – which is going to be a very unlikely case; you can share the song or ‘heart’ it so it is added into your favorites; and you can go to the song’s iTunes or Amazon link to buy it. At the bottom of the music streaming page, you can find links to artists and moods that are similar to the song being currently played; a list is also given of people who are listening to the same songs i.e. people who are currently in the same mood as you.

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An interesting feature on the site lets you do a ‘mood flip.’ This feature lets you play the songs that are completely opposite to your mood. Music fans will find it really fun to experiment with this feature and find out what songs are the ‘opposite’ of what is being streamed right now.

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The website can be streamed with ease from your desktop or laptop or computer. Even smartphone users are thoroughly facilitated by the website because free apps are offered for iOS and Android smart devices.

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I have known of Stereomood for quite some time and I often have the site open in a spare browser tab while I work. Along with listening to wonderful music that matches your mood, the site also helps you stream your favorite songs in case you do not have them on your local storage. As I mentioned in the early part of this review, for music fans it does not get any better than Stereomood.

You can visit the website by clicking here.



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