3 Google Chrome Extensions To Improve Your Feedly Experience

After the demise of Google Reader, the feed reader of choice for many users is Feedly. Feedly has a very decent user interface (at least that’s what I think) but still many people would prefer to find a way to transform it, something similar to Google Reader. As it has become a popular feed reader, extensions and tools will start pouring in all over the internet. If you are a Google Chrome user and looking for a extensions to improve your Feedly experience, check out some extensions below.


GGReader is a simple extension that transforms your Feedly layout to a Google Reader clone. It does not simply transform it to be an absolute duplicate but still manages to make it quite similar to Google Reader. To get started, simply navigate to Chrome Web Store and install GGreader. Before you do, make sure you have Feedly extension installed in your browser. After installing the extension, simply restart your Feedly tab and you are done.

GGReader for Chrome

Download GGReader

Add to Feedly

Add to Feedly is a very useful extension that allows users to add websites to their Feedly account, with a single click. Once installed, all you need to do is open any website and click on the Feedly button from the extensions area. It will automatically fetch the RSS URL for that website and will add it to your Feedly subscriptions.

Add to Feedly

When you click on Add to Feedly button, it will redirect you to Feedly application with an option to add the website to your subscriptions list.

Download Add to Feedly

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Feedly Background Tab

If you are one of those users who are looking for a way to boost your productivity while using Feedly, you should give Feedly Background Tab a try. With this extension, you can assign shortcut keys in Feedly that will help you open articles in the background tab – using the assigned key. If you wish to use your own set of shortcut keys, you can do so from the extensions options.

Feedly Background Tab

Download Feedly Background Tab


There you go, these are some useful Google Chrome extensions to improve your productivity while using Feedly. The only issue I came across was with using Add to Feedly, where the extension failed to fetch the RSS for certain websites. Keeping this aside, the extension works well. If you think we missed any extension from the list, feel free to share it with us using the comments below.



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